Friday, April 9, 2010


an awesome song that i've only heard recently.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

10 things happening in the first 100 days of 2010

10 cities in the next 100 days.

dubai, frankfurt, birmingham, london, new york, chicago, indianapolis, chicago, san francisco, vegas

Friday, January 1, 2010

significant events of the decade..

2000.... (new years eve @ subang airport rave)
1. got together with jen (start of a 2 yr long distance relationship)
2. started SAM
3. got driver's license
4. got given a car WHL 5900 blue satria 1.3
5. receive my SPM results.. 1 a1. only... english p7 (1119 f9)... paid RM50 to remark paper, got c5 for english
6. saw jen for the first time since getting together (after 11 months)
7. saw arsenal lost to galatasaray in the uefa cup final
8. got drunk for the first tie

2001. (new years eve at a club)
1. started degree
2. jen got back in the middle of the yr (granddad dieded).... (died la)
3. got to autralia for twinning program. (landed in dec)
4. first yr anniversary (shrooms,KLCC.... thats were i proposed)

2002. (new years eve at sydney harbour)
1. started uni.
2. living outside home for the first time for a long duration
3. bought my first car (4500AUD)
4. got my first racial abuse in aus.

2003. (harbour, sydney)
1. dad past away
2. finished undergrad
3. started my first ever paid job (cook)
4. worst feeling ever felt (to that date, saying goodbye to jen not knowing when i'll see her again after 4 yrs together)

2004. (home)
1. started work at impianti.
2. experienced happy hour
3. learnt some hokkien
4. joined SMACC

2005. (home)
1. meeting lots of new ppl from everywhere

2006 (home)
1. jen came to kl to live

2007(dave n beck's, i think)
1. proposed
2. sign purchase agreement for home
3 . got our first pet (chloe the beagle)

2008. (home)
1. got married
2. moved in together
3. blog
4. got to reconnect with old friends and friend's friends thru the method of blogging
5. went to eu for the first time
6. received a PS3 as a present from super duper jen

2009 (home)
1. went to germany
2. found padme from the drain, tigger followed me to the lift (and back home)
3. bought guitar hero (best party game ever)
4. quit my job.
5. ACL op

2010. (new home )
1. 1st jan... woke up at 2.30pm....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

operation day was arranged on the 16th november monday because i didn't want to have it on friday the 13th..

monday 16th:
woke up at 10, went to office to pass my office phone to my sis in law, gave some last minute instructions, drove to hospital at 11. as soon as i got there, i was asked to register myself, bla bla bla, got to the room n changed into one of those hospital outfit which was exposing my ass..... i was told that my surgery would start at 1.30, much to my surprise as i thought it would be at 2... so i was mentallly pumping up myself... getting myself prepared for the op but then a nurse came n said ' sorry mr tan, we have to delay your op by an hour'.... thats because someone had to use the same OT to so some surgery on their internal bleeding stuff...

but anyways, when the time came, they asked me to sit on the bed so that they would wheel me down to the OT... as soon as i got to the OT, i was being introduce to my anesthesiologist... dr loy... who is a pretty funny guy.... he explained that he would need to put a drip thing on my left hand so that they would be able to introduce anti biotics or any other craps to my body without having to poke me all the time... so he did that... n he was able to pull one last minute joke n said '.. oh crap... i missed'.... i was not amused at the when he told me that but 2 seconds later... 'i'm joking'... yup.. thats what he said alright, n i replied with ' dude, i dont appreciated those kinda joke'....

so then the next thing we did was that he got into th actual OT (previously we were in the lobby of the OT)... it was freaking cold... like 18 degrees C... n we started with the epidural process... what i got was a CSE, combined spinal epidural which paralyses my lower body but still keeping me awake... i did ask to be put to sleep... full sleep, but he said post surgery would be hell and i would miss a lot of his funny and lame jokes which i may or may not appreciate... so i decided so stay awake (didn't regret it) during the surgery which ran for approx 3 hours.

1st hour was use to remove 2 tendons from my right hamstring muscle
2-3 was the actual surgery where the dr would drill some holes, put some tendons to replace the ACL, and also to remove some broken meniscus.

i thing i remember during the operation was hearing lots of phone calls to dr loy,.. ( i thought the OT was a phone free zone)... so i asked in the middle of the op...... can i bring my phone in so i can fb? dr loy looked at me he was like ???? one of those wtf moments i guess...

but anyways.. the surgery went well... checked out of the OT at 6.. n much to my surprise i was having an appetite of a lion.. i came out hungry n asking for food...

jen, mui kit (sis in law) and ju liang came over around 10.30 as they pick jen up straight from the airport to the hospital.
everything was fine until i had to pee, because of my lower body was numb and paralysed, i could feel my legs and the penis was not functioning AT ALL? i tried SO hard to pee... the feeling was like 'ok .. i can feel it going from the bladder ... then as soon as it got there.. the peeing sensation just left... gone... finito... i couldn't pee.... the nurse tried letting me hold some gloves filled with hot water and also turning on the toilet water to let me hear some running water to help encourage me pee... but i couldn't.... its so dissapointing.. like i've lost my man hood... accepting defeat and knowing i couldn't force it out... the only way was to stick a tube up the dick to the bladder and drain it all out... all 1.5liters came out straight away... the nurse was smiling as i think she's never seen so much being released all at the same time before...

a few friends came to visit.. warren was the first, followed by sam from church peter and helena... appreciated their presence very much as i was with jen most of the time..

today is the 19th, i've already started and done 2 sessions of physio and gonna be heading home soon.

for those who came to visit.. jen, mom, kai ma, mk, jl, warren peter n helena, sam n his friend... thanks a lot!

i think i'll be staying home for the next week or so,... work will have to wait..

Monday, November 2, 2009

big mac's or apple mac's?

recently, my maid gave my laptop away.... a toshiba laptop that has been with me for the past year or so.....

how it got stolen, well.. the main conviniently left it outside the car porch so that her friend would come n collect it during 3.13am ... how do i know that? the CC tv that belongs to be opposite neighbour told me that...

so yeah, i had to buy a new computer, on behalf of the company of coz, ... took jen's comment about how mac's are SOOO much better, i fell for it....

got a mac book white, i dont know what specs it has la... but i paid bout 3500 for it..

why does it suck?
1. had to buy VGA adaptor for plug to projector.
2. non windows based
3. had to buy software to sync my phone ... USD 39 bucks.. damm it...

plus side?
1. great colours man... jen's photos on her blogsite seem to pop up even more...
2. great battery life span... (went to jakarta with 2 dvds.. manage to play em both)
3. looks cool...

should you go for a mac??? well... yeah... maybe.. if u need to...
is it REALLLYYYY that great???? yeahh.. maybe... its ok la...

verdict.... still getting use to it... but i'm sure when i do get use to it, i'll like..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

sex education in malaysian

Man tries to con teacher into having sex

A temporary teacher with a secondary school in Seremban was almost fooled into having sex with her colleague after he pretended to be an undercover special health officer researching “diseases affecting female teachers.”

The teacher - known only as Hani - claimed that the married man in his 30s had even asked for his undercover identity to be kept from his wife, who is teaching in the same school, and from the school principal.

In a report in Kosmo!, Hani, 24, said the teacher had told her that his research comprised three phases, the first of which would require her to answer questions on the size of her breasts and waist.

She would then be required to get intimate with the teacher in the second phase and finally, have sex with him under the third phase, which was also a “weight test”.

Hani alleged that she had signed an agreement as well as a confidentiality form to participate in the study after the teacher approached her in March.

The “study” then moved onto the next phase, in which Hani said she was told to go to an empty classroom.

“In the classroom, he hugged me from behind before performing other sexual acts on me,” she said, adding that she pushed the man away after suspecting something was amiss.

“The next phase was even worse when he asked me to have sex with him,” she said, claiming that during this time, the teacher was stark naked and getting ready to film the sex romp.

TheStar Online.

man... how dumb are our teachers these days.... ?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

pissed entry

its 9 pm... I've had 2 buckets of beer.. kinda pissed.. have to go to penang airport in 2 hours to spray the runway paint ... hope it turns out straight... how often do you update you blog when you are pissed?